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Famous Singer Akon Net Worth

Akon, a Senegalese-American, was born Aliaume Thiam in St. Louis on April 16, 1973. After his birth, his family returned to Senegal, West Africa, and lived there until he was 7 years old before they returned to the U.S. Akon grew up in an artistic family. His mother was a dancer and his father was a well-known jazz percussionist. It was from their combined influence that Akon found a love for music. Now, lets move to Akon net worth.
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Famous Singer Akon Net Worth

Akon net worth

Akon has a net worth of $80 million dollars. Born in Missouri, but spending the majority of his youth between the West African country of Senegal and America, Akon would settle in Jersey City, New Jersey at the age of fifteen. During his turbulent teen years, Akon would eventually shift his time and interest on crime to developing his music abilities, songwriting and recording demos. After signing with Universal, Akon released his debut album, Trouble, in 2004. Under the parent company of Universal, Akon co-founded the record label Konvict Muzik on which he released his second and third albums, Konvicted and Freedom, respectively. He has collaborated with other successful artists such as Lady GaGa, Whitney Houston, and Gwen Stefani, among many others, bringing his contributing efforts as a guest artist to a staggering total of over 300 appearances. Akon has expanded his creativity in the field of film and television, with both a reality show and a movie in the works. He launched his own urban clothing line, Konvict Clothing, in early 2007. Akon has achieved Artist of the Year for the 2007 Billboard Music Awards and has won an American Music Award. Akon has obtained both the number one and two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 twice, and along with collaborative efforts, has had forty songs hit the Hot 100. Fast forward to 2010-2011 and Lady Gaga is now the most successful female artist in the music industry today. With the combined revenue from his record labels and his recording career, Akon grossed approximately $21 million in 2010; $20 million in 2009 and $12 million in 2008 according to Forbes.

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