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HolaSoyGerman Net Worth

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About HolaSoyGerman and his Networth:

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis (Born on April 25, 1990) known as HolaSoyGerman. Halasoygerman is a chilean youtube celebrity, singer,comedian, entertainer and blogger. He has more than 30 millions youtube subscribers, making it the second most subscribed channel on YouTube after PewDiePie and the most subscribed in the Spanish language.and more than 2.8 billions views. He has also more than 8 millions twitter followers and 6 millions instagram followers. Holasoygerman has a net worth of $ 10 millions estimated.

HolaSoyGerman started his YouTube profession in early September of 2011 after being cheered by friends. He started to gain a following on the platform from talking about everyday issues but in a quick paced, quirky, and relatable way. He does these videos in his house, but he moves frequently meaning that every year is a new location. Most of his German’s fans are Spanish but there are many who of other nationalities because of his videos being subtitled in numerous languages and some of them already understanding the Spanish language. Due to German’s fast channel growth, he got MTV’s “Icon of the year” award in August 2014 and won it again a year later.

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