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Tyler Oakley Net Worth

Are you interested to know about Tyler Oakley? Here you will find all the relevant information about Tyler Oakley net worth.

About Tyler Oakley:

He is American YouTube celebrity and advocate by profession. He was born in Jackson, Michigan in March 1989. September 18th, 2007 Taylor Oakley decides to open a youtube channel for the

purpose of keeping in touch with his friends from high school. Luckily his first video gets more than 70 thousands views. Oakley regularly posts material on various topics, including queer humor,
cultural, politics etc. He made more than 300 videos and has almost 8 millions subscribers which show his popularity and his unique style that people love the most.He also has 5.7 million
followers on twitter that actually a huge number.

Tyler Oakley Net Worth:

Tyler Oakley has almost a net worth of $ 8 million. Oakley is an active member across several social media platforms.He supports The Trevor Project for the prevention of suicide among LGBT
youth.In 2015 Tyler has interned with them and hosted their annual charity show. In just six days he helped raise quite $500,000 for this Project. He released a bestselling book known as
Binge.Tyler is one among the best-paid celebrities on YouTube. He earns between $6 and $7 million from his numerous ventures. Checkout other YouTubers network.

A Brief History of Tyler Oakley below:
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